A Scalable, Open Source and Free Incident Response Platform

7 November 2016



  • Collaborate: Multiple SOC and CERT analysts can simultaneously collaborate on investigations. Thanks to the built-in flow, real time information pertaining to new and existing cases, tasks, observables and IOCs is available to all team members. Special notifications allow them to handle or assign new tasks, preview new MISP events and investigate them right away.
  • Elaborate: Cases and associated tasks can be created using a simple yet powerful template engine. You may add metrics to your templates to drive your team's activity, identify the type of investigations that take significant time and seek to automate tedious tasks. Each task can have multiple work logs to record the ongoing work, attach pieces of evidence or noteworthy files.
  • Analyze: Add one, hundreds or thousands of observables to each case that you create or import them directly from a MISP event. Quickly triage and filter them. Harness the provided analyzers or create your own to gain precious insight and speed up your investigation. Leverage tags, flag IOCs, and identify previously seen observables to feed your threat intelligence.